As many of you know the site that formerly was SoL crashed and all of the articles there were lost. Anyone that has experienced similar computer errors can sympathize. However, the real question that needs to be answered is “why?” Why was this allowed to happen? Why are other persons not losing all of their musings on God and His church? Clearly, there can only be one answer: God deleted what was SoL. But this then begs another question. Why would God want to rid the internet of SoL?

After much consideration there is again only one possible reason that God would do this: SoL was wrong and full of inaccuracies. Therefore, the song has changed and the dance is different. SoL is now a friend of Emergent. If God is not deleting their work then obviously they are not angering Him, thereby, proving they must be closer to the Truth. Accordingly I would like to repent, and declare the new SoL:



I’m not exactly sure how much I will be able to post in the near future as I need to do some serious study (finally, I’m sure some of you are thinking!) but hopefully I will be able to post here often enough that you can start to appreciate my voice in “the conversation.”

I gotta go, I need to read some books by:


And download some sermons by:


Peace Be With You!